Are You Inviting Ants To Home?

Are You Inviting Ants To Home?

No matter what season it is, ants are forever foraging food, water and shelter and your home turn out to be the best place for them. Unfortunately, there is no DIY treatment that can help with an ant infestation and it’s something you can’t avoid. Also, you can’t completely seal your home to stop them from coming, you can cut off the attraction points and usual entryways they come. This can help you stop their entry into your home. Ants may look harmless and tiny, but their bites can hurt badly. Imagine having kids or pets at home getting bitten by ants. So, using these tried and tested measures, you can control the infestation to a minimum level. For complete protection, it’s safe to call the ant control melbourne company.

Food Leftovers

Just like any other species, ants need food to thrive, your kitchen, dining area proves to be a food feast for them to enjoy the leftover crumbs & fill their stomach. So, don’t leave the food on the table & after finishing your meal, give a thorough wipe on the table and kitchen and dry the area promptly.

Greasy Stoves

A messy kitchen attracts cockroaches. Likewise, grease stains around the stove & oily residue attract these crawlers & they hide under the corners. They often hide on gas stovetops and containers. Be sure to clean and wipe the grease stain and oil residue and wipe containers after using them.

Garbage Cans

Did you ever notice that stinky garbage cans can have ants all over them? Like possums, they rummage inside and outside the garbage cans and eat the leftover foods, spills and much more. You must be sure to clean the garbage cans & put clean garbage covers and empty them once it’s filled.

Leaky Faucets & Decayed Wood

Water source is also another factor that ants come to your house. Like leaky faucets & decayed wood making a perfect hideout for ants. They get enough to survive & you need to seal the leaky faucets and moisture wood from your property.

Bottom Line

Ant-proofing your home can help your house from greedy ants and their painful bites. If you’re looking for ant removal melbourne services, call Pest Control Melbourne on (03) 9021 3744 today.