How To Protect Your Home From Spring Pests?

How To Protect Your Home From Spring Pests?

Spring is considered to be the time of rebirth and fresh starts, as well as a time to carryout chores around our property that we have been holding back during the winter months. As you clean your home, it is going to be a great opportunity to pay close attention to potential problematic areas and prevent pests from infesting your home. It is not only important to keep our home neat and tidy, but should also make your living space pest-free.

Here Are Some Of The Best Pest Control Practices That Help Keeping Spring Pests At Bay:


From mosquitoes and ants to termites and cockroaches, most of the pests are attracted by moisture. So, make sure that you keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and dry. Also, remove all the items in your backyard that collect water to avoid standing water. Likewise, fix leaking faucet, pipes and other plumbing fixtures to keep entire home dry and tidy.


Storing food in loose jars and cardboard boxes will not do wonders despite your best efforts to keep pests away. Alternatively, opt for some sealable plastic containers to store your food as well as your pet’s food.


Some areas in your bedroom, such as underside of your bed, dresser drawer, window sills and closets are the perfect places for pests to congregate. At the time of spring cleaning, make sure that you inspect all the vulnerable areas to determine the presence of pests. After inspecting, dust each and every inch of your room and take necessary measures to keep pests away.


If you have more objects and clutters in your house, the chances for pests to hide out are more. So, get rid of unnecessary items as well as the stuffs that you don’t use often. If you have a lot of valuable articles, make sure that you keep them organised.

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