How To Get Rid Of Rats From Walls & Attics?

How To Get Rid Of Rats From Walls & Attics?

It’s near to impossible these days to have a pest-free home. From ants to bedbugs to cockroaches, rats, mice, possums, pests are everywhere in the house. Cleanliness, lack of pest protection, and overgrown gardens can be the reasons for pest invasion. When it comes to the most annoying pests, rats are Aussie household’s headache. Whether it’s a rat or mice, both are a threat to your health and property. The bad news is that they take shelter in your walls and attic easily through any opening in your home. Hiring pest controllers from pest control melbourne is the only way to get these annoying critters from your property.

An adult mouse is in grey and has about 2.5-3.5 length belly & can squeeze through any hole that leads to your property. Your attic and walls are usually warm & rats find these areas comfy for them and make an entrance through small cracks and gaps. As rats are naturally dirty and smell, you can find their presence with their puddles of urine droppings, hair and gnaw marks on your attic, walls and kitchen area. They are fast climbers and can scurry away and distract you.

What Do You Need To Do?

So to put them under control, seal all the areas, pipelines, cracks, gaps and fix them immediately. Also, precautions like installing door sweeps, broken vents, weather stripping, window blinds & any exterior damages act as entry points for them.

It’s more important to cut down the water and food access as they attract them to your house. Seal the grocery in air-tight containers, fix the leaky faucets and put a mesh lid for all the pipelines.

Apart from all these, call a pest control professional to inspect your property and provide relief from rat infestation.

Bottom Line

By following the above tips, you can stop these annoying creatures from entering your property. If you’re looking for rat control melbourne services at a budget, call Pest Control Melbourne on (03) 9021 3744 today.